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Our Mission

Our Mission

Assisting the UN human rights programme more effective within all member nations

The WHRF seeks to bring together different institutions and organizations working for human rights throughout the world and to encourage them to combine in their effort in advancing human rights. It encourages links between national, regional and international groups and organizations to ensure practical implementation of the findings and recommendations of international human rights bodies.To foster those links it has working agreements with many organizations, has appointed regional representatives and advisers, and has set up field offices.

Supporting human rights organisations

Both government & non-government ones by offering the highest quality research, expertise, advice and affiliation. It also prepares reports that monitor how States fulfil their human rights obligations. It tries to create a communication flow between these organisations to maximize the impact of their efforts.

Spreading human rights education among all stakeholders of human rights

Human rights can only be achieved through an informed and continued demand by people for their protection. Human rights education promotes values, beliefs and attitudes that encourage all individuals to uphold their own rights and those of others. It develops an understanding of everyone’s common responsibility to make human rights a reality in each community. Human rights education constitutes an essential contribution to the long-term prevention of human rights abuses and represents an important investment in the endeavour to achieve a just society in which all human rights of all persons are valued and respected. We at WHRF provide members many courses on human rights from world renowned universities.

WHRF Human Rights Education Programme

WHRF promotes human rights education by:
  • Developing human rights education and training materials;
  • Supporting national efforts for human rights education
  • Facilitating information-sharing, through international and regional seminars and workshops and the development of educational resources ;
  • Supporting local efforts for human rights education which provides financial assistance to human rights grass-roots initiatives.
“We are here to protect humans & humanity from all such dividing racial, religious & political ideologies who discriminates human being on lines of believer, disbeliever, class etc and prmote struggle“.