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Our Vision

World Human Rights Federation (WHRF) is an international organization of individuals and organizations working for protection and promotion of human rights. It works with human right activists/defenders and organizations to promote and defend the human rights of everyone all over the world. Our vision is of a world in which the human rights of all are fully respected and enjoyed in conditions of global peace. The WHRF’s role is to keep that vision to the forefront through constant encouragement of the international community and its volunteers across the globe, to uphold universally agreed human rights standards. It is our job to alert Governments and the world community to the daily reality that these standards are too often ignored or unfulfilled and to be a voice for the victims of human rights violations everywhere. It is also our role to press the inernational community as whole to take the steps that can prevent violations, including support for the right to development. The human person is at the centre of everything the WHRF does.The human rights message is one of hope and empowerment.


People with disabilities are vulnerable to discrimination and
social exclusion.
They may be denied health care, opportunity for employment
and other human rights to which they are entitled.


Extreme poverty denies people basic human rights such as
adequate housing, food, education and health care.
It also inhibits enjoyment of other human rights, like political


Education is vital for personal, social and economic development
Lack of education inhibits the ability to pursue and enjoy other
human rights


Children among the most valnerable members of society. Require special measures of protection but they are also entitled to all human rights and freedom including participation in daily decision making process.


The right to adequate food recognizes the fundamental right of
everyone to be free from hunger so as to be able fully to develop
and maintain their physical and mental capacities.


Adequate housing is a basic human right.
Having a secure palce to live is a requirement of human dignity
and is necessary for physical and mental health and overall
quality of life


In some countries people are detained for years before they are
brought to court
Fair trail and human treatment in detention are basic human rights


The demand that women be treated as equal in human diginity
is at the heart of human rights, but the fine word of human
rights texts stand in sharp contrast to the daily reality of life for
million of women.


Violations of human rights are both a cause and a consequence of
trafficking in persons. Accordingly, human rights must be at the
core of any anti-trafficling startegy.

Our Mission

Assisting the UN human rights programme more effective within all member nations

The WHRF seeks to bring together different institutions and organizations working for human rights throughout the world and to encourage them to combine in their effort in advancing human rights. It encourages links between national, regional and international groups and organizations to ensure practical implementation of the findings and recommendations of international human rights bodies.To foster those links it has working agreements with many organizations, has appointed regional representatives and advisers, and has set up field offices.Both government & non-government ones by offering the highest quality research, expertise, advice and affiliation. It also prepares reports that monitor how States fulfil their human rights obligations. It tries to create a communication flow between these organisations to maximize the impact of their efforts.

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